ASOC territory extends beyond political borders into rural areas which face similar challenges. What do a textile factory in Royans-Vercors region in France, a nunnery in Belmonte, Italy and a cheese factory in Thesprotia region in Greece have in common? As territory we consider not just a physical space but rather a complex web of inter-relationships that includes human and non-human agents.


Since 2018, around 20 associations, elected officials, and technicians from the Royans-Vercors area have been working together to create La Place des ...


There are more than 20 small villages in the inland of Thesprotia region in Northern Greece which while they are suffering shrinkage, they show a vari...


Over the years, the BelMondo project has gained increasing interest from Belmonte's residents, some of whom have informally collaborated by sharing th...



ASOC provides a platform for young people, local communities, and practitioners to collaborate on shaping new narratives of sustainability and social justice. An approach to education which emphasises critical consciousness, empowerment, and dialogue, promoting learning as a collaborative and constantly evolving process.

Pedagogical sheets – second FR workshop

Pedagogical objectives for second french cycle workshop Pedagogical Sheets :...

Pedagogical sheets – first FR workshop

Pedagogical objectives for first french cycle workshop Pedagogical Sheets :...

Video of students’ feedbacks

Collective video of a week of living on site....

Sensitive mapping of a culture of reusing

Workshop#1 – France – Place des Possibles – May 2022...

Fanzine – “Without care buildings collapse”

Workshop#2 – France – Place des possibles – August 2022...


ASOC community is built through alliances of solidarity, united across boundaries and disciplines. Within this community, there is an emphasis on recognizing and valuing the contributions of all members -students, educators, professionals and local agents- towards supportive and empowering environments.