ASOC provides a platform for young people, local communities, and practitioners to collaborate on shaping new narratives of sustainability and social justice. An approach to education which emphasises critical consciousness, empowerment, and dialogue, promoting learning as a collaborative and constantly evolving process.

Cultural Reflections

What do we mean when we use the word “Commons”?...


ASOC community is built through alliances of solidarity, united across boundaries and disciplines. Within this community, there is an emphasis on recognizing and valuing the contributions of all members -students, educators, professionals and local agents- towards supportive and empowering environments.


Workshops and Activities
ASOC tries to diversified and provide a variaty the types of formats, workshops and activities to and from its community. These tends to give voice and provide an open space for discussion, exchange and creation.

Workshop in-situ 4 – Umano non umano

2023-08-26 2023-09-02
6 days in Italy with 30 international students and 15 partners in august 2023 Building : floors, fur...

Workshop 3 – Living and Building Belmondo

2022-11-20 2022-11-25
6 days in Italy with 10 italian students and 15 partners in november 2022 Building : building a ligh...