We are a group of 6 architects, builders and artists who have been working since 2010 in the fields of architecture, city, design and art – throughout France and Europe. It has been a non-profit organization since the start. We try out self-management methods and autonomous ways of working together since the very beginning. That way, we hope to prove that democratic and horizontal mode of operation is both possible and accessible

We support common spaces through actions that gather people around creative workshops. We’re using various mediums like construction, editing, screen printing, sewing, filmmaking, and artistic process. We hope that architecture can be a tool to change our world towards a more social, democratic and ecological way of life.

We’ve been living the past years under an «economic» crisis that is foremost a political, ecological and social one. Architect, landscape architect, urbanist or designer : every actor involved in urban transformations should worry about that situation and think about ressources, process and responsibility. Thus, we have to face territories’ complexity and our professions become more and more interlinked with other disciplines, in a connected and globalised world.

We’re all dealing with that planet we have to share, as its a finished one, so how can architect face it, adapt and evolve in their goals and methods ?

Most of all, how can students be trained as architects and how can they include these complexities and responsibilities ? Not surprisingly, we can see architecture and other students getting more and more interested in these political matters.

Even in newspapers, awards (AgaKhan, Global Award for sustainable architecture), or exhibitions like Venise’s architecture biennale (Reporting from the front), crisis are taken seriously.

That’s why we want to develop specific pedagogical situations : we use horizontal and collective intelligence workshops, try to involve experts in these short but intense moments of creating and sharing, and also try to link them with real and situated actions.





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