Mobile kit – Prefiguring uses

Workshop 1 – France – May 2022


The pedagogical objective of this workshop consisted in prefiguring and constructing light, reversible and ephemeral prototypes of mobile devices at scale 1. 

These installations would allow testing uses and construction techniques and will serve as a tool for fine-tuning the perennial project of La Place des Possibles. They would also be used to experiment with low-tech construction techniques that favor local material resources (materials and components) and immaterial resources (know-how and operating methods).


  • Mobility and modularity of built devices
  • Responding to identified uses: informing – welcoming – tidying – cooking
  • Working with an identical set of materials for each of the small groups


  • Co-design : experiencing the challenges of drawing with several hands and encouraging collective intelligence
  • Test constructive principles : trial and error, without putting too much at stake in the result,
  • Building : finalising a proposal and reflecting on the object built

Results : 

Student responses to the question: “What do you think you learnt, discovered or experienced during this week?

“It was great to be able to propose something and to be listened to and try to do it”.

“Mostly improvisation, but also communication and how to work in a group”.

“I discovered both how to use a machine and how to create from what’s already there. Thinking about a venue and how it works. I learned more about working in a group, sharing ideas, pooling and manipulating together.”

“We experimented with all sorts of materials and therefore tools and we learned to communicate with each other and really live together.”

“I discovered a way of practising architecture that is closer to my values, and it opened doors for my future career.”