Sensitive mapping – A culture of reusing

Workshop 1 – France – May 2022

Description :

We set out to discover the territory through the accounts of its inhabitants. This large sensitive map, drawn by several hands, allows us to give you back what we learned and collected during interviews that were recorded and of which you will find selected pieces.

We went to meet them in their workplaces or spaces they wanted us to discover. Through their stories we were able to gradually establish a geography of the territory associated with its uses and to discover its past and current mutations.

As a starting point we asked them about the notion of reuse, as a practice but also as a culture. Then the stories, like rhizomes, unfolded to finally give us access to the more intimate relationship that each of them has with their lived space.


A series of interviews and 1 general sensitive map.

Interview with Chloé & Antoine

Chloé is a designer and enjoys making applied art. Antoine works as a freelance designer and is an active environmental activist. Chloé and Antoine are active members of the informal collective “feu de camp” with six other members. Chloé is also a member of the association “l’assemblée des noues” which is interested in the fertility of the links between territory and food.

Interview with Coline Waz

Coline Waz is the co-owner of solidarity cafe “Le pied de nez” in Ste Eulalie en Royans. Coline is an active resident of Saint-Eulalie-en-Vercors. For the last 6 years, she has been running a voluntary café called Le pied de nez with two other members of her collective. Activist, she wishes to create a meeting place that reinforces the social link between the inhabitants of the territory by offering different services to the locals : clothing and books recycling, computer space..

Interview with Mathieu Lesieur

Mathieu Lesieur is a local agent, working for Communauté de commune du Royans-Vercors since 2007. He’s currently working on a program called “Petites villes de demain”, a a programme that aims to rethink the territory of the community of communes of Royan-Vercors.

Interview with Mathieu Donnet

Mathieu Donnet is living in the small valley of Royans. Although he has left several times, he has always come back. Mathieu is a jack of all trades. He founded the Toolteck with a few friends, he has done a lot of digital mediation, he is a ceramist, a compulsive recycler and a lover of his territory, whose history and current events he knows well.

Interview with Laurence Dubois

Laurence Dubois has worked for a long time in the social and solidarity economy sector. Today she is in charge of development of the project La Place des Possibles for Les Tracols association.