La Place des Possibles

The Place des Possibles is a hybrid space project that came into being in 2017, with the aim of bringing together associations involved in the ecological and social transition in a shared space. The building is owned by the Les Tracols association, one of the area’s longest-standing associations, which includes a social children’s home, a training organisation, a back-to-work scheme, a public services centre and a multimedia resource centre.

These players are all part of the non-profit sector: a recycling centre – Le bruit du Plac’Art, a bicycle repair workshop and its stock of recycled spare parts – GaravĂ©lo, a participative DIY workshop – la Toolteck, as well as a rehearsal studio for local music groups. Other associations are also involved in the project: ACCR, a space for artistic residencies; L’Art de Riens, which promotes creativity and the visual arts; and Activ’Royans, a popular education association.

In 2020, the Collectif Etc decided to set up on site, in particular to lead participative workcamps with all the volunteers involved in La Place des Possibles, to renovate part of the building in order to develop new uses for it, to activate the site and to unite the community of users.

The project, led by the Les Tracols association, will change course at the end of 2022, with the departure of all the partners involved from the outset.

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