Mobile Kit – A collective kitchen

Workshop 2 – France – August 2022

Description :

The prototypes produced during the previous workshop (May 2022) were used as a starting point for a new reflection, which leads to the reorganization of the central stationary kitchen and the creation of a mobile kitchen

This new kitchen will improve the conditions in which users are received and used by the various players at Place des Possibles, and will enable them to imagine going beyond their walls to organise convivial events in the public space.

Specifications :

  • Mobility and modularity of built devices
  • Responding to identified uses: informing – welcoming – tidying – cooking
  • Working with an identical set of materials for each of the small groups

Processus :

  • Co-design : finalising a co-design drawing
  • Check construction principles
  • Build and test these new mobile devices

Results :

Students answers to a global questionnaire :

“Construction and materials methods, Communication, Critical thinking, Cooking, Interpersonal skills among groups”

“trusting my own thoughts and to equally trust other people’s thoughts”

“the international point of view mixed with the life time is precious. and the opportunity to do, and discuss about how and why also. that creat a different educational wich i like very much”

“I learned the method of solving problems between project and reality”

“Working with new materials i’ve never used before at university and learning how to integrate other approaches coming from different countries”

Introduction Photos