Pedagogical objectives – Prefiguring and testing

Workshop 1 – France – May 2022

Structure and contents

During the project and at the end of each intensive workshop, some pedagogical sheets have been written to tell the story of the experience from an academic point of view. Pedagogical sheets are toolboxes for any teacher interested in learning about the topic, replicating the pedagogical approach, setting up an action scheme developed and tested during the intensive workshop. 

To do that, the teachers team worked on three different moments : 

  1. Discuss the framework of pedagogical sheets : teachers from the three universities meet to discuss together about the content of the pedagogical sheets and the critical study of existing pedagogical sheets (in particular those of 2 of the 3 universities that use this kind of supports – ENSAG and POLITO – but also those realized by two research projects:; 
  2. Design the framework : the team decided on a framework for the pedagogical sheets in order to have, at least in the main lines, the same contents for all the pedagogical moments (LTTA). 
  3. Validate the framework : A final moment was the validation of the relevance of these outlines once the first cycle (in France) was completed. 

Respecting the framework, each pedagogical sheet contains: 

The presentation of the workshop : general issues, context and territory, number of students involved and level of education, number and type of stakeholders involved, teachers team ;

The pedagogical structure of the workshop: pedagogical targets, learning process activites, skills pre-needed and acquired, the evaluation criteria ;

The logistic of the workshop: resources needed, materials and tools requested, people contacted, needs in terms of space and number of supervisors, budget ;

The workshop program : weekly schedule, sessions, activities and temporality;

The expected results : tools and actions developed, productions achieved, acquisition of a critical and reflexive look at the practice carried out;

The course assessment and the evaluation criteria for the work produced 

The critical and reflective feedback for pedagogie : what can go wrong, points of vigilance